August 2016: More Powerful Tools and Data

As school starts and you gear up for your fall programs, we've been concentrating on making our software a better experience for you, and we are happy to deliver some amazing fixes and improvements to existing features. We are especially excited for the release of our revamped Metrics dashboard on August 25.  This updated toolset consolidates your critical data into easy-to-understand graphics that are always available and up-to-date to help you make better decisions. If your church has the Deluxe version of our software, your new Metrics tools will automatically give you even more access to and control over the kind of data you need to see. Please note this new dashboard will be visible to all Master Administrators and Executive Pastors as designated in your church's software.


 Admin Privileges

  • In some instances when assigning the 'Campus Settings' admin privilege, the software was incorrectly displaying a 'Remove Privilege' 
    warning modal. We've appropriately hidden that modal when the 'Campus Settings' privilege is being assigned to a user.


  • For multi-site churches in certain circumstances, when someone logged in, the default campus selection was not their home campus as it should be.  We've corrected this so the campus selection at login is the same as the person's home campus. 


  • Previously when some people in the same family were checked in and subsequently all were checked out (using the Check-Out feature), and then were checked in again later that same day, they were getting the same security code at both check-in times. The intent is that they get a unique security code at each check-in time. We've adjusted Check-In to operate correctly again.

Customizable Fields

  • When deleting an Attendance Grouping that is currently in use, we were providing a warning with the number of groups using that Attendance Grouping. It is more relevant to show the number of events with recorded attendance using that Attendance Grouping. We are now doing that.  


  • Group messages being sent by the user commenting by reply from their email client were occasionally getting bottled up in our workers. We have now ensured they will send without interruption.


  • When subscribed to a group calendar, the last event of a repeating event series was not showing on the calendar. We've corrected this so the last occurrence properly shows.
  • When editing a recurring event to change the end date, the "Apply to:" options presented were sometimes incorrect. We've fixed it so the correct options show.
  • When a family member was invited to an event in a group they are not a part of, that event was not displaying on the family calendar. We corrected that so it is properly added to the family calendar.
  • When there were 9 or more guests in the requesting status for an event, scrolling through the list would show you a never ending repeating list. We fixed it so it shows people in requesting status only once.    
  • When someone RSVP'd to an event and left a comment exceeding 80 or so characters, we were not displaying the full comment on the Guest List tab of the event. You had to go to the event overlay to see the whole comment. We've fixed it so the entire comment can be read in both places.   
  • There have been various issues related to our calendar ICS feeds. These issues have appeared in calendar subscriptions, room reservations, and even some attendance reports that rely on an ICS feed to build the report. We've isolated the cause and made a fix that should resolve these seemingly disparate issues.
  • For a multi-site church using our public calendar, the default selection on page load was a single campus; and this is incorrect. We've adjusted the behavior to load 'All Campuses'.
  • When attempting to subscribe to a calendar via the Google Cal button, you would often need to give it a second attempt before it would work. We believe there was an error with the ICS feed we were sending to Google, so we've addressed that issue. Your first attempt at subscribing should be successful now.   
  • When editing a non-recurring event's name or description, if that event also had approved rooms or resources, you would be asked to approve those rooms and resources once again. No one likes double work, so we fixed it and you'll no longer have that bad behavior.


  • On the doc_list, some of the links to replace or delete the file were not working as expected. We fixed it so all of the links work correctly, no matter what. 


  • When deleting a transaction that was made from a ProfitStars deposit, you and your financial team would hit a dead end as the deposit would not update to reflect an outstanding transaction. Never fear! We have fixed it so the deleted transaction now shows as needing attention within the deposit.


  • When printing a form response to a form with an 'Admin Only' section, the lock icon was not appropriately showing next to the 'Admin Only' section heading on the print-out. We've returned the lock icon when printing to visually indicate an 'Admin Only' section on the form.
  • Form responses that included a 'scale' question were not appropriately printing the answers to those questions. We fixed this so 'scale' question answers now print as you would expect.
  • When looking at a pie chart within Forms that reflects form payment information, a user might notice the information indicating the amounts 'received' and 'outstanding' would extend off of the pie chart and be unreadable. We fixed this so the 'received' and 'outstanding' labels are shown below the dollar amounts instead of beside them—making the payment information easier to read.


  • After entering a street address that contains a line break in the 'When and Where' tab while editing a group, a user would not see the line break being appropriately displayed in the 'Address' section of the 'INFO' tab for the group. We've fixed this so line breaks are respected and displayed correctly.
  • Needs were not respecting communication preferences. We no longer send Need notification emails to people that have selected not to receive emails. 

Group Promotion

  • When editing the people to be included in a Group Promotion Plan, the number of people was incorrectly resetting to zero on edit and could not be changed. We fixed this so the number of people included in the plan can be edited and the number of people updates appropriately.

Mail Merges

  • When adding an image to a mail merge email and resizing the image, a user experienced instances where the image became distorted. We've fixed this so the image resizes appropriately and maintains the correct perspective in both the image preview and body of the email.

Process Queues

  • We improved the email a queue manager receives when an individual has been added to their queue via form automation. We now clearly indicate that the individual was added to the process queue via a form and that the individual is not assigned to anyone.
  • When marking someone as 'done' within Process Queues, a user would see a date picker which loaded in the modal, obscuring useful information behind the calendar selector. We've hidden the calendar selector on initial load of the 'Mark as Done' modal so users can see all of the information shown in the modal. 
  • A Queue Manager without additional privileges was only able to see information related to 'Groups' and 'Positions' when clicking on the name of someone in their queue and looking at their 'INVOLVEMENT' tab. We've fixed this so the Queue Manager can once again see the Event and Attendance information under the 'INVOLVEMENT' tab section.
  • When adjusting the 'Due Date' details for a step within a process queue, the due date description was not displaying the correct date in some instances. We fixed this.
  • When an individual was marked as 'done' within a process queue that had queue sequencing to queues within a hidden process, the individual was incorrectly being added to queues within the hidden process without the appropriate checkbox in the 'Next Queues' section being selected. We fixed this so individuals are not mysteriously being added to queues within a hidden process.
  • When leaving a note on an individual within a hidden process queue, there was an incorrect option to make the note visible to 'Process queue managers' when the option should be to make the note visible for 'This process only'. We've replaced the 'Process queue managers' option with the proper 'This process only' option when leaving a note on an individual within a hidden process.


  • Individuals who are set up to receive text messages from a group were having that text message setting removed when someone changed their status in the group via the 'Edit participant list' page. We fixed this so the group member's text message settings persist when their status is changed within the group.


  • On the total row of a scheduled Bank Deposit report, we were incorrectly providing a sum of the check numbers. We removed that sum.
  • A scheduled Donor Analysis report had a totals row but it did not have the text "Total" before the row. We added this back! 
  • If a pledge statement had too many rows to show, it would go outside of its assigned box, shifting the address, which would affect how the statement could fit in a #10 envelope. We fixed it so the box has the correct max amount of rows and can still be mailed.
  • The Postal Code Summary report was incorrectly sorting on the 1st digit of a number rather than the whole number. Your sort order may look like 1, 10, 11, 2, 28, 3, 31. We retrained that column on what sorting should be for humans; it should be working better now.
  • When editing a saved version of the Individual Attendance Detail report that had an extra blank column added, the settings of the report were not being saved. We've corrected this issue and now it saves as it should.
  • The 'Export All Groups' report has been renamed the 'Export Groups' report and now limits results based upon the campus privileges of the user running the report. The Master Administrator can run the report as well as users with either Limited Group and/or Full Group admin privileges. This report now has an 'edit settings' modal which includes the option to select the Campuses to included in the export if the user has sufficient privileges to run the report for multiple campuses – the report defaults to run for the current campus. The settings modal also has an optional 'Departments' selector which further filters the report to only show groups that belong to the Campuses selected AND the selected Departments.
  • If there are no report actions, when clicking on the "Actions" button on a report, we no longer show the Report Actions header.
  • We introduced a column to the Export Groups report that will show which groups have the setting to 'allow group leaders to edit contact details' enabled. This is one of the requirements for using the Small Group Leader App.
  • When attempting to run custom reports that included dates with an Australian locale, in the results columns you would be rewarded with an eternal spinner. We've resolved the issue so those reports run correctly now and you get the results you need.
  • When adding people to receive a scheduled report, the last person on that list was being entered twice. And they received the email twice as well. We've fixed this and there are no more duplicate recipients or emails.
  • When the creator of an 'On Screen' custom report shared the report with another user, the other user was not able to generate an 'Excel' or 'CSV' download of the report from the 'Actions' dropdown button. We fixed this so these output options are available for the individual with whom the report is shared.
  • For a multi-site church, when running the Attendance Summary report by department, if the results contained 2 or more groups with the exact same name, the parent and child rows were not relating well to each other; it was a bit chaotic. We've fixed this so families are appropriately grouped together.
  • There have been various issues related to our calendar ICS feeds. These issues have appeared in calendar subscriptions, room reservations, and even some attendance reports that rely on an ICS feed to build the report. We've isolated the cause and made a fix that should resolve these seemingly disparate issues.
  • When running a report on resources when there was nothing to report (no rooms or resources were reserved for that time frame), you'd be delighted by an eternal spinner. We've dialed back the overconfident spinner and now you will get a proper message saying there are no results.  

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Posted by Updates Team on August 19, 2016