Balancing strategy with God’s calling

Some church leaders seem to think that spontaneity and strategy can't coexist. So does that mean the Holy Spirit only moves when you live your life without a plan? I’d argue absolutely not.

Today I want you to consider how you can develop strategies and plans for ministry while being open to the things God might be calling you to do. Jesus had a strategy in His ministry and was constantly moving in harmony with that strategy, while also being spontaneous in His responses to the events around Him.

“A vision is a dream with a plan”

So what does a solid, biblical approach look like? Here are two keys:

  1. A good strategy allows you to be spontaneous without being chaotic and distracted. Sometimes a spontaneous opportunity needs to be ignored. We need to know when to say no. But sometimes it is the right move. I spontaneously accepted an invitation to attend the A/G General Council meeting in Orlando with two weeks’ notice, but it still fit with my strategy to develop deeper denominational-level relationships.
  2. A good strategy will help you move toward a God-sized vision while also being open to the promptings of God. Begin with knowing what your ‘why’ is. Who is your target audience? What makes you truly unique? How do you measure your success? How do you know you are keeping your promises around your ‘why’ and your uniqueness? What is your long-term goal? Then you can evaluate opportunities that come to you from within this framework.

Verne Harnish said, "A vision is a dream with a plan." It’s important to find harmony and balance in following God and having a plan. Have you created yours?

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Posted by Steve Caton on October 28, 2015