Guest Post: Building Community the 'Green' Way!

(Note: This is a guest post from Sarah Jackson, a key member of our Customer Care Team. She recently shared some practical ideas with the Church Community Builder Tribe about how technology can help churches foster community with an environmentally conscious vibe.)

I wear Birkenstocks, eat granola and recycle. You can call me a tree-hugger (even though I’ve never technically hugged a tree). I believe it is a good idea to be a good steward of the earth God has entrusted to us.

I started thinking about how web-based church management software can help churches go green. I know this isn't something churches often think about when it comes to technology, but it's a side benefit worth considering. Here's a sampling of things that came to mind for me:

- Reduction of paper waste!

  • Provide an online directory for people in your church and small groups they can connect with.
  • Distribute key church news and communications via email communications instead of printed bulletins.
  • Replace your paper small group or check-in rosters with Laptops or iPads.
  • Distribute year-end giving statements electronically. (This also saves postage!)
  • Utilize workflow tools (like Church Community Builder Outreach and Follow-Up) to replace spreadsheets and sticky notes.
  • Use online forms to replace connection cards and facilitate prayer requests.

- Save fuel!

  • Volunteers can work from home.
  • Staff can connect with people wherever there's a wifi connection instead of always having to go to the church office.
  • Easily access people's information from your mobile device.
  • And, my personal favorite ... you can promote carpooling!

Let me elaborate on this last thought a bit. Check out this video and see how Church Community Builder helps churches determine where high concentrations of their members live. Information like this can help you inform your congregation about possible carpooling opportunities which can not only save gas but also help people build new relationships with their neighbors. Now that's cool!

How are you using technology to help your church 'go green'?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 03, 2020