CCB wants to “Poke the Box”

Really enjoyed reading the interview with Seth Godin on Tony Morgan’s blog. I couldn’t wait to read this his latest project. As usual, this book shook me to my core and left me feeling challenged and pumped all at the same time.

We want CCB to be more than a technology company. If it’s just about software, then anyone can do it with enough time and money. If it’s really about helping churches be more effective at equipping people to grow God's church and transform lives, our approach has to be different.

We are doing a couple things that I think are positioning us to relate to churches in a unique way:

  1. We have a proactive, outbound calling group staffed with people experienced in ministry. This is separate from our client services and support area. This group is not designed to sell or support software. It’s function is to ensure churches are realizing the goals they had when they partnered with us. If something isn't as they hoped it would be, we get proactive and help get things back on track
  2. We are hiring former church executive staff intentionally. This certainly isn’t the cheapest route, but we feel as though our clients are better served when they can talk to a peer who speaks the same language and has sat in their seat before. These folks care a lot more about making an impact on the local church than they do about selling software and we LOVE that!

These are just a couple of things I can tell you about now. We are taking the initiative to be different. For those who truly know us, they know that our carefully designed software is only one expression of a much deeper passion and mission.

More to come. Stay tuned!



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Posted by Steve Caton on April 02, 2020