Volunteer Appreciation - 5 Ways To Say Thank You on a Budget


It’s no secret that Christmas, alongside Easter, is one of the highest attended days of the church calendar by both Christians and non-Christian alike. And it is days and services like these where your committed and faithful volunteers make a very apparent difference. From the late nights decorating the halls of your building, welcoming a vast number of guests through your doors to wrapping all the presents that are delivered to children all around the world annually.


...Christmas, alongside Easter, is one of the highest attended days of the church calendar by both christians and non-christian alike.


The amount of time these folk dedicate to ensuring that all runs smoothly and everything is in place is undeniable. However, an important thing to remember about this group of people is, they need to know they are appreciated for their service, and how it helps grow the kingdom.

So, in the spirit of the season, we wanted to provide you with 5 awesomely fun, amazingly cheap, and detailed (prices included!) ways to show your Christmas volunteers appreciation.

Set up a night to celebrate your volunteers prior to, or after, the date of your Christmas service to let them know how much you appreciate them.


1. Movie Night

Host a movie night at your church or your home. The preparation required is minimal and this event can be put together in a very short period of time.  

  • Movie Rental: $2.00 Blu-Ray or $1.50 DVD or iTunes Rental $3.50

Reach out to local theaters as they could possibly offer a non-profit bulk popcorn discount. However if that’s not the case here's an alternative option:


2. Yard Games Night

Ask your Church family for any and all yard games. Depending on the weather in your area, some favorites include:

Use your discretion on what works best for the amount of volunteers you are hosting and pick up some snacks and drinks to for half-time.


3. Exclusive Worship Night

Let’s face it, it’s extremely tough for your volunteers to fully engage and be a part of your service and celebration while they’re serving. Their attention is entirely focussed on making sure everyone has everything they need and that all is ready to go when required. Hosting an exclusive worship service allowing them to engage and worship without distraction.

Provide some refreshments to encourage fellowship after the event is over.


4. 18 Hole Putt-Putt Golf - In Your Church

Everyone loves putt-putt golf. Configure a DIY 18 hole putt-putt course in and around your building and have your volunteers compete in a mini tournament.


5. Chili Cook-off

It’s winter and depending on your location we all know that it can get a little chilly. And nothing says winter quite like a chili cook-off. Have your volunteers all prepare their best chili, secret recipe and all. Provide all the necessary utensils and enjoy some good community around a variety of chilis. This provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on recent services and your volunteers experiences.

At the end of the night, cast a vote and award the winning chili and it’s chef with a $20 gift card.   


Volunteers are integral in building the foundation of your ministry that empowers it to sustain future growth.


Your volunteers are imperative to ministry. They multiply your ability to reach others. They, once equipped are the benefactors of your ministry and the Church long after your time of service comes to an end. They are integral in building the foundation of your ministry that empowers it to sustain future growth.

Whatever you do, ensure that it's in recognition of the people choosing to spend their time serving your ministry in the church. These people oftentimes rely on you to lead them closer to Christ. It's imperative for them to know you need them to share what they know and help you multiply your efforts.

What are some ways you have shown your volunteers appreciation? 

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Posted by Church Community Builder on December 01, 2016