Chrome on XP does not work with the Church Community Builder Software

It has come to our attention that a recent update to the Google Chrome browser has caused problems with our software for users on the Windows XP Operating system. Unfortunately, this known issue is not something we will be fixing, as Microsoft officially discontinued support for Windows XP in April of 2014. In March of 2014, we alerted users of this change with the discontinued support of Internet Explorer 8.

Our strong recommendation is that you upgrade your operating system. This will give you access to better technical support, security updates, and compatibility of more modern web browsers.

However, if you are still using Windows XP, you can access our software via Firefox, which currently has no known issues. However, Firefox may discontinue support of Windows XP at any time, which may result in the Church Community Builder software no longer being accessible from that browser.

Be sure to follow @ccbtech on twitter to get quick updates on system status. You can also visit for an instant view of our uptime. While we try our hardest to prevent any outages, we know they can happen. We recommend ensuring your church software has a Check-In Back-Up Plan in the event of another untimely outage.

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Posted by Church Community Builder Marketing Team on October 08, 2015