Church Community Builder Core Value: Build a Positive Spirit


Being part of the Church Community Builder family means being a part of a team that always sees the best in every situation. But it goes beyond just a ‘positive attitude’, I think — it’s part of who we are as a company and is woven into our corporate DNA. It’s one of our core corporate values here: to build a positive team and family spirit. 

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

Our core value of “Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit” is focused around the idea that we’re here not only to serve our church partners but also to serve each other. We want to respect each other and our unique abilities and approaches. We know that we are better together than we could ever be individually, and we seek to honor each other in our interactions. And we want to take care of each other. We spend approximately a quarter of our week together, after all, so we want the people we’re spending that time with to be ones who are focused on building us up. 

We take this value pretty seriously, even to the extent that we’ve implemented a zero-tolerance policy around gossip and cynicism. We don’t want people wasting their mental and emotional energy around negative things like gossip, so we do everything we can to make sure our associates know they can take their concerns and struggles upward to their leaders. We encourage our associates to ask themselves, before they start discussing a problem or conflict with a peer, if that person is in a position to really fix that issue. If not, then it’s veering dangerously into negative territory.

I know this might sound pretty naïve, to think that we can run a company without any negativity or gossip. And I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. But what I am saying is that we’re committed to helping our associates be great leaders, peers, and followers and there’s no room for negative behaviors in that process. People see that pretty clearly once they join our team, and those who aren’t a good fit usually know it fairly quickly and find another place to work.

We’ve got important work to do, and we have to support and encourage each other to do it.

How does your team help build a positive spirit?

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Posted by Steve Caton on March 17, 2016