Church Community Builder Core Value: Enhance Trust


When you become a Church Community Builder church partner, you’re handing us the keys to your church community kingdom. Think about it — you’re handing over information about the people and processes that make up your ministry and allowing us to speak into the ways you’re doing ministry and connecting with your people.

It takes a tremendous amount of trust for you to do that. We understand that, and that’s a trust that we absolutely do not take lightly. That’s why one of our core guiding values here at Church Community Builder is to enhance trust. You’ve got very high expectations for how we’re going to help you multiply your ministry efforts, and we want to meet and exceed those expectations by enhancing your trust in us with every interaction.

Here’s how we strive to do that every day:

  • Being considerate. Seems pretty basic, right? Being considerate is just part of the game when you’re working with church partners and your team members, isn’t it? It absolutely is — but sometimes we can lose that focus in the heat of dealing with a software performance issue or a disappointed stakeholder. That’s when we have to keep that core value of enhancing trust by being considerate at the center of our interactions and our high-pressure situations.
  • Being transparent and candid. Stuff is going to happen. It’s a fact of life. Servers are going to go down. Expectations will go unmet. Part of enhancing trust means that we’ll tell it to you straight, and let you know how we’re going to fix the things that have gone wrong.
  • Being consistent. Trust is built on having the same types of experiences with people each time you interact with them. We want you to know what to expect when you work with us, and we want to be consistently amazing in those interactions.
  • Being reliable. When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. And if we can’t, for whatever reason, we’ll tell you just as soon as we can.

We absolutely love serving our church partners. We value the trust they’ve put in us to help them find a better how for their ministry efforts … and we want that trust to get stronger with every interaction. If there’s ever a time you don’t think we are, let us know! We want to build trust with you in everything we do.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on April 14, 2016