Church Community Builder Core Value: Seek God


We’re wrapping up our series on the core values that drive our work here at Church Community Builder, and we’ve saved the most important guiding value for last — seeking God.

Seek God

We want to be sure we’re joining God in His work here on earth, not asking Him to join us in ours. That’s a key difference, and honestly one that’s very challenging to keep our eyes on. It can be very, very easy to ask God to bless our plans rather than seeking His wisdom and guidance to discover His plans. Looking for God’s plans is harder, and often means we have to set aside our goals and desires in service of His purposes. But if we lose that focus, although we may be doing some really good things, they won’t be the right things. They won’t be the things God has designed to move His Kingdom forward.

To make sure we’re keeping our focus on seeking God, we pray. Often. Over everything. It’s part of our team’s daily lives, part of our daily activities here in our offices, and definitely part of the long-range planning our leadership teams engage in on a regular basis.

We want everything we do here at Church Community Builder to honor and bring glory to God. Without that focus, nothing we do really matters. We keep that focus because we know it’s the way to do work that will really change the world — and we believe that’s why you do the work you do as well.

We love serving our church partners. We truly love the work that we do, and we hope that comes through in the way we live out our core values in each interaction with you.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on April 26, 2016