Church Community Builder teams up with North Coast Church and Sticky Teams.


The most experienced athletes work with coaches to help them reach a higher level. Their coach understands the struggles they face and the mountains they need to overcome. Most importantly their coach knows, through years of experience, what is needed for them to reach the next level in their performance, to up their game, and to achieve the results they have long worked towards. 

Church leaders should be no different.

Experienced church leaders are often faced with the challenge of overcoming ministry barriers, large and small, to achieve sustainable results. To reach the next level in their ministry even the most experienced leaders need an outside influence, someone to push them further, someone who understands the difficulties they face, and who knows the steps they need to take to reach the next level. That’s what coaching does.

At Church Community Builder we understand the ministry barriers that church leaders face. That’s why we have teamed up with North Coast Church and Sticky Teams to provide seasoned, experienced leaders with church leader coaching. We want to further serve pastors and church leaders with effective ministry tools and processes to achieve next level results.

“By combining our efforts with North Coast Church and Sticky Teams we are better able to equip and empower church leaders to build thriving ministries” - Chris Fowler, CEO of Church Community Builder.

Experience matters and as an experienced leader you are called to make a lasting impact. Our partnership with North Coast Church and Sticky Teams gives us the opportunity to provide church leaders with a team of the country’s most experienced ministry leaders to help them take their ministry to the next level.

To learn more about church leader coaching, our partnership with North Coast Church and Sticky teams, and how we can serve your church and church leaders stop by the coaching page and church management software page on our website.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on October 04, 2016