Church Management Software 101: What every church leader should know

Does church management software trump the Holy Spirit when it comes to loving people and fulfilling your calling as a church? Of course not! However, finding church management software that fits your church’s culture and equips your leaders can make a tremendous difference in your impact and growth potential.

Too often, church leaders discount the importance of good software and either choose to ignore it or purchase the cheapest possible option. This creates hidden ‘lids’ that restrict ministry effectiveness and create gaps people slip through on their way to another church or worse — away from God!

I was recently invited to do a ChurchMag Podcast and talk about why a church management system matters for any church. We started with the basics.

Church Management Software 101: What every church leader should know

If you’re in the early stages of exploring a church management system, I want to share eight principles to consider.

  1. A church management system should be a lens by which we see how God is moving in and through our ministry. (tweet that)
  2. As church leaders, we should be able to tell how people are engaging with our church and the impact we’re making. (tweet that)
  3. Your church management system should be a tool placed in the hands of all the leaders, staff, and volunteers who execute the mission of the church. (tweet that)
  4. Church management software is more than a glorified Rolodex! (tweet that)
  5. Your church management software gives you the opportunity to connect the dots of the data and see how people engage or disengage. (tweet that)
  6. People want to know they matter. Good software helps you create and sustain a sense of belonging. (tweet that)
  7. Technology helps scale our relational capability. (tweet that)
  8. Don’t look just at ‘what will this cost me’, but ‘what is the value on the other side?’ (tweet that)

What do you expect to accomplish through your church management software? Improved connections? Stronger community? Based on our daily conversations with churches all over the globe, here are four expectations we work to meet as we align Church Community Builder’s technology with ministry processes.

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Posted by Steve Caton on January 12, 2015