Church Spotlight: Heartland Community Church uses their ChMS to drive ministry impact!

Heartland Community Church is one of my favorite CCB Church Partners. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but....

These guys really get technology and how it can be leveraged to drive deeper church engagement and discipleship. They have developed solid processes in their ministry and have taken great care to align CCB and other technology with those processes in order to be a more effective church.

Here's one example: They produced a video (Watch below...You'll love Cecil!) which encourages their members to add gifts and passions to their profile on "myHeartland." This is their internal name for Church Community Builder, which they use as way more than just a database. They've been incredibly successful at getting their people to actively leverage CCB in the context of their ministry and have seen some tremendous results in the areas of volunteering, assimilation, and online giving as a result.

My hope is that it encourages you and your team to get creative, too. The easier it is for lots of people to use your Church Management System, the more valuable it becomes to you and your efforts to build community and make an impact!

How has your ChMS helped you create a more engaged church community?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 02, 2020