Dave Bair on how Northland utilized Church Community Builder to achieve maximum results: Part 2

This is the second of a two-part series highlighting how Northland Church utilized CCB’s resources to run a highly successful stewardship project. In the last post I highlighted the first two steps in the process: Leadership Alignment and Process Development. Today I’d like to focus on the third part: the Tactical Launch.

Several tools were employed for the Tactical Launch:

  • Forms. Forms are a great way to collect information about people such as who wants to be a leader and who wants to be in a group in addition to enabling people to pay for their materials during the registration process.
  • Groups. When 700 people sign up to be leaders, you need a way to collect them and communicate effectively. They created a group of FPU leaders to start their communication and training and then created a small group for each of these leaders.
  • Interactive Communication.The groups within CCB held event information like time and location, threaded messages and comments, any special needs for the group or the meeting, and provided a platform for meeting attendance and taking notes.
  • Training Videos. The leaders at Northland prepared portable training materials that included email documents setting expectations for leaders, and videos showing them how to manage their group’s activity and information.
  • Google Maps. One of the principles of getting people to sign up was to encourage people to stay as local as possible; ideally in their own neighborhood. For this reason, Northland built a google map enabling people to search for those small groups by demographic (age bracket, single, married, Spanish speaking, etc) and by location. A surprising benefit to this technology: people discovered other Northland members in their own neighborhood they didn’t even know were there!
  • Web Interface. As the name implies, Northland is truly A Church Distributed. They do not fit the mold of most congregants within 15 minutes of the church - they have attenders all over the local area, and the world due to their use of good web technology. This project was no exception and a great illustration of how technology can support the ministry.

Is your church going about program launches in a similarly organized, methodical order? What might it take to improve the process?

Dave Bair leads the Coaching Team at Church Community Builder. He and his team help churches design and refine the processes which help them "do church." They also help align technology, leadership and culture to support those processes. Dave has over 15 years of experience developing business processes for large energy and manufacturing companies. He now leverages that expertise to help our Church Partners fulfill their mission with greater efficiency and impact.

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 02, 2020