Developing the next generation of church leaders

Good leadership isn’t about celebrating the amount of work you are capable of. It’s about how well you empower, equip, and encourage other people to help you achieve an intended result. Unfortunately, this is a principle I see a lot of people agree with but only occasionally implement.

A few weeks ago, our very own Sean Buchanan had the opportunity to sit down with Executive Pastor Jon Wright to talk about the way Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota has developed a church management software system for identifying and equipping the next generation of ministry leaders in their church.

Here’s an in-depth look at the conversation and an overview of some of the powerful ideas Jon shared:

  1. Empower your staff to equip the saints. The only way to multiply ministry impact is for church leaders to continually develop leaders within their specific areas of ministry. This is why it’s so critical for your entire church staff to embrace an Ephesians 4 ministry model.
  2. Encourage church members to help you define a mission they can own. If you truly want your church members to become owners of your ministry, then allow them to be part of the process. Allow them to dream with your staff about the impact you can make as a church.
  3. Equip your staff to create environments where people within your church can go out and do ministry. Encourage your staff to actively look for church members who are interested and passionate about ‘owning ministry’. Teach your staff how to invest in them. Equip them with the resources and accountability structure they need to provide the things church members need to find their groove in ministry.

The longevity and vitality of the church hinges on the development of tomorrow’s leaders. As an executive pastor, you can’t disciple every single member in your church, but you can play a vital role in developing systems that equip your staff to develop the next generation of leaders.

What are you doing this week that will help empower, encourage, and equip the next generation of leaders?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 01, 2015