Executive Pastor Dashboards: Evaluate the Health of Your Ministry at a Glance

We have declared 2015 to be the year of the Executive Pastor at Church Community Builder. As an Executive Pastor (XP), you wear many different hats. Operational manager. Staff leader. Strategic collaborator. Keeper of the reports. It all rolls up to you. You need to know what’s going on with attendance, membership, giving, and small groups. You need to have access to all this information.

In case you haven’t heard, I wanted to take some time to share with you about a new feature that we created especially for the Executive Pastor. We’ve created a new dashboard so you can have all the metrics you need right at your fingertips. Here’s a quick look:

Why do metrics matter for ministry?

  1. Metrics reveal the true health of our ministry. What are you measuring? What is it telling you? Are you asking the right questions to determine the health of your church?
  2. Church Software metrics allow you to make better ministry decisions. What are you doing with the information you’re receiving? How is it impacting your decisions? Are you open to making the necessary changes that metrics reveal?
  3. Metrics validate (or challenge) our ideas and intuitions for ministry. Do you pair your gut feeling with actual metrics? Do metrics change your approach?

The simple truth is that the more metrics you have access to, the better decisions you’ll be able to make to impact your ministry. Take a look at our dashboard today to see how you can utilize it for the health of your church.

Which metrics do you find most meaningful for the health of your ministry?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 15, 2015