Five new Church Community Builder features you should know

When you’ve got effective technology supporting solid processes and good people, doing church becomes so much easier. If you’ve been familiar with Church Community Builder for any length of time, you know that we are constantly updating our software for the purpose of equipping church leaders for greater ease and success. In fact, the new stuff comes so quickly, many people tell me that it’s hard to keep up. With that in mind, I want to highlight five of the newest updates that will make life easier easier for you in 2015.

Five new features you might have missed

  1. Mobile-friendly attendance. We know attendance data is extremely valuable to you. It’s crucial for both strategic planning and evaluating the effectiveness of your ministry programs. That’s why the interface for recording event attendance without logging in is one of the first places we implementing a new, mobile-friendly interface.
  2. Mobile-friendly giving. Giving should be simple and accessible for everyone, whether it’s a first-time giver or someone who’s been donating for years. To that end, we’ve simplified the public online giving interface. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s beautiful, and best of all, it’s mobile optimized — so there’s nothing standing in the way of someone who wants to give.
  3. Custom forms for login requests. Sometimes you need a good way to track who’s requesting a login for your site — and learn a little bit about them at the same time. With Standard and Deluxe, you can create a login form for people to fill out when they click the ‘Sign Up’ link on your login page. This puts all the power of form fields and automations and the simplicity of form matching at your disposal for every new login request.
  4. Inviting multiple groups to an event. A lot of churches hold events hosted by one group but intended for many. We made this much easier to organize! When creating a new event, you can now search for and invite whatever groups you choose.
  5. Resending event invitations. OK, we all know people who are less than talented when it comes to RSVPing for an event the first time we invite them. In order to help you preserve the friendship and avoid conflict, we’ve made it much easier to send another invitation to the people who haven’t yet responded.

All of these new features were part of the fresh new Church management software 4.0 update we released in late October. You can review the details here. And all this represents just a small fraction of the goodness we have planned for you in the months ahead. If you want to be sure you don’t miss another update, you can subscribe to our Software Updates feed and always hear the latest.

Which new feature were you most excited about?

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Posted by Steve Caton on January 21, 2015