How to grow your church by multiplying your culture

Just like a child isn’t meant to grow taller for the rest of his or her life, the point of the local church is not to grow in attendance indefinitely. A better goal than continuing to increase in weekend attendance numbers indefinitely (or to grow to be eight feet tall) is to grow out — by investing in others. Alex Absalom wrote a great post recently about the importance of a different kind of multiplication — the kind that changes hearts one by one.

Today I’d like to share with you several of our best, most practical resources for helping you improve your culture and ultimately grow your church.

How to grow your church by multiplying your culture

  1. Improving culture starts with identifying the secret DNA that runs through every church. Vibrant community is the heartbeat of a growing, healthy church.
  2. Four ways church leaders can build a thriving culture in their ministries. Ministry that makes an impact cannot be achieved apart from a healthy, flourishing culture behind the scenes.
  3. Creating a culture of ministry engagement. Every church has the opportunity to create a culture of ministry engagement by helping church members plug in.
  4. Becoming a church of disciples who make disciples. A culture where leaders release control and choose accountability leads to members that experience deeper relationships and become more invested in the mission.

There is a direct correlation between transformed lives and the culture of your church.

Are you giving your church’s culture the attention that it deserves?

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Posted by Steve Caton on March 11, 2015