How to connect your church through mobile technology during the holidays

The holidays are a busy time. Church members are on vacation visiting family and busy with all of the events surrounding the holidays, but it’s a critical time for your church when it comes to outreach, discipleship, and generosity.

One of the best ways to stay connected with church members during this busy time is to utilize social media and mobile technology. What action steps can you take to make sure your church members stay connected while they’re out of town and busy with commitments?

4 ways to connect with church members through mobile during the holidays

  1. Create a special landing page and section within your church’s app for people to share and invite friends to Christmas services. When you make sharing easy, people are more likely to participate.
  2. Create a daily prayer guide and send it out for people to follow along during the Advent season. They can even keep it in their cars and use it together as a family on the road.
  3. Provide a list of events and opportunities where people can partner with your church to serve and give back during the holidays. You can create a calendar and a guide so your church members can see all of the opportunities in one pamphlet.
  4. Encourage people to give via mobile and send push notification reminders the last several days of the year. During this time of year more messages are vying for the attention of your church members than usual, so make sure you remind them to give.

Mobile gives us the unprecedented opportunity to stay connected as a church family even when we are apart. To learn more about maximizing mobile, download the free resource Ministry Gone Mobile.

Are you maximizing the opportunity that mobile provides?

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Posted by Steve Caton on December 07, 2015