How to improve the culture of any church staff

Did you know that culture is just as important as vision for the success of an organization or a church?

While much has been written about the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of healthy staff and volunteer culture, I haven’t seen much content around the ‘how’. As a result, almost every conference I’ve attended over the last two years has included some form of round-table discussion about implementing and sustaining a functional and vibrant culture. In most of those cases, everyone is equally clueless or too early in the process to share meaningful insight.

Today I want to share some practical insights I’ve gleaned over the years leading organizations and working hand in hand with churches in the trenches.

How to improve the culture of any church staff

Here are three ways to improve your church staff culture:

  1. Define. More than any effective strategy you’ll ever implement, culture begins at the top of the organization. This begins with the core values and operational principles of the organization.
  2. Document. Once the organizational and behavioral values are defined, make sure they are documented. Document your story, vision, aspirations, and cultural values.
  3. Defend. After you define and document what you want to be true about your culture, then develop a system to defend it. This is a shared goal that everyone in your organization feels responsible for.

Culture is easily one of the most under-appreciated assets a church can have in winning its community for Christ.

How would you rate your church staff culture?

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Posted by Steve Caton on October 21, 2015