How to unleash generosity throughout your entire church

Do you want to increase giving at your church? That may sound like a trick question. But it’s important that you recognize that inspiring people to give really is only half the equation. Churches must bridge the gap between good intentions and active generosity. There are some highly practical ways to help move people from wanting to give to becoming active givers.

During a recent webinar, we got to sit down with Leighton Cusack of Kindred to learn how churches can use technology to better engage givers.

How to unleash generosity throughout your entire church

  • Make it simple for people to give. Give people a way to give in the moment as they are inspired to. Whether it’s an app or a text-to-give number, don’t make people wait until they pass the plate or go home to be able to give.
  • Develop compelling ways to communicate about generosity. Use storytelling and media to help convey the power of generosity.
  • Create meaningful ways for people to start giving for the first time. Whether it’s a capital campaign or a special time of giving to missions, make the first-time gift a memorable event.

Generosity is not something that simply comes naturally to everyone. Encouraging a generous spirit and cheerful giving by inspiring people to give and making it easy for them to do it are the beginning steps to unleashing generosity in your church. You can use church management software and more. To learn more about spreading a spirit of generosity, watch the entire webinar.

Is it easy for people to give at your church immediately when they are asked to do so?

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Posted by Steve Caton on August 17, 2015