Are you leveraging the impact of Online Giving?

I’ve decided to start a new thread of conversation about online giving. This is increasingly becoming a topic that I’m asked about when I meet with church leaders. Church Community Builder's recent case study about online giving has once again affirmed for me the power and impact online giving can have on funding ministry.

To access the case study, like CCB on Facebook.

During the research for the case study, we learned things like:

  • Online Giving doesn’t usually start out as a strategic conversation in churches.
  • When online giving is promoted, it can help churches avoid things like the "summer slump."
  • Active promotion of the online giving tool is key to growing participants.
  • Integration between online giving and your church management software is imperative if you want to learn anything from people's giving patterns.

If you’re still wondering whether or not online giving is a fad or if it’s here to say, check out this great infograph which documents the trend in peoples’ giving habits.

This information--while not specific to church giving--does represent the people who attend your weekend services, too. In other words, people are looking for familiar ways to exchange currency, ways that match the habits they have already formed about exchanging money in other areas of their lives. Further, organizations--the church and other nonprofits--are seeing growth in giving when they take a more intentional approach to incorporating online giving as a tool

If churches don’t adapt, they’ll risk creating an obstacle some people won’t overcome. (Translation: People will give their financial support elsewhere.) When that happens, no one wins.

What’s been your experience with online giving in your church?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 02, 2020