3 tips to improve church online giving in 2012

Church online giving continues to be a high-growth channel people choose to give to organizations, causes, and churches they believe in and support. If you aren’t satisfied with the online giving activity in your church, begin by asking the tough questions related to the "believe in" factor. If your people can't clearly see how your ministry is impacting God's Kingdom, ALL giving will suffer. However, for the purposes of this article, I will assume your overall giving is healthy.

If you would like to see more people leveraging your website to make one-time gifts or create recurring giving schedules, here are three things to consider in 2012:

  1. Put a “Give Now” Button on your church’s home page. Buttons get a higher click-through rates than links. Don’t make people search for how to give to your church. Simplify it. The worst decision you can make it to “hide” the ability for people to give to your church. It complicates the process for those who want to give to your church.
  2. Utilize free QR code tool. You can place the QR code in the bulletin, and people can donate online right away. Using the QR code eliminates the step of having to remember the church’s website and having to be in front of a computer to give online. You can also include QR codes in any online AND printed communication pieces. Don’t pass up the opportunity to share a story via life change or educate people about how they can give to your church by simply providing them a quick link via a custom QR code.
  3. Download Ben Stroup’s case study Churches Report Increase In Online Giving With CCB to learn about how three different churches used three different strategies and achieved one common goal: an increase in people engaged in online generosity. We've made this case study available to you from our Facebook page. "Like" us to receive the free download!

Is growing your online giving a strategic objective for 2012? Why? What will you do differently this year?

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Posted by Steve Caton on March 31, 2020