In Case You Missed It: Software and Stewardship


It’s no secret that here at Church Community Builder, we champion technology – it’s what we do; it’s how we equip our saints – you – to do what you do best – equip your saints. And to say we’re passionate about providing the right tools, processes and software to answer our most important calling would be an understatement.


But really, it's not about church software. Some people work hard to make it about software – subscriptions, plans, upgrades and support. And their goal is relatively transparent: user renewals.


For us, it's always been about people. And it will always be about people. Reaching people. Connecting with people. Creating community with people. Giving churches the processes to steward their people.


So, we rounded up three of our best articles that really speak our language.


3 Reasons Your Church Management Software Should Be a Discipleship Tool:

Your church management software can and should be so much more than a database; it should be a discipleship tool. It’s not about giving administrators in the church office a database; it’s about giving all the leaders in a church the tools they need to take care of and disciple the people who walk through the doors.


Technology’s Role in Making Disciples:

We must challenge the way we think about making disciples, including the way we use technology in order to fulfill the Great Commission. We need to make crucial shifts our thinking and practices to plant and grow churches that make and deploy Biblical disciples.


Driving Digital Discipleship:

While the landscape of our culture is changing rapidly, the core mission of the church has not: Go and make disciples. So how can we use technology to do that? Our churches can now effectively utilize technology to give us the opportunity for digital discipleship in a world that is more connected and relationally-driven than ever before.


With so many tools available to us to stay connected with people, it should stand to reason that any support system should also be about people. Because trends and technology and tools may come and go but one thing remains constant: We are to go forth and steward God’s people into intentional discipleship; we are to be people people.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on January 25, 2017