Increase your giving from the next generation

Today’s shift toward online and mobile giving is simply a sign of the times. Online and mobile giving options, when combined with a web-based church management system, become a comprehensive approach to community building and Kingdom funding. Churches that have employed these options are reaping the benefits of their decision.

Six ways to increase giving from the next generation

Here are the most common principles we've seen help churches engage both new and existing church givers.

  1. People use the latest technology throughout the week, so the church should provide tools that mirror the experience people expect in every other aspect of their lives. The hallway conversations in most churches include references to technology and online interactions. Rather than ignore those tools, church leaders must learn how to leverage them for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.
  2. Giving should be easy. It should be about the ‘moment’ when people are moved to give, not the process. When people want to give, they shouldn’t have to jump through all sorts of hoops to do so. The more clicks they have to make and information they have to provide, the less likely they are to follow through on their decision to contribute.
  3. The church must allow people to respond to a call and give immediately by providing smart and powerful mobile solutions. Sixty percent of digital interactions take place on mobile devices. Churches that don’t offer mobile giving options are missing out on potential donors.
  4. People want to know their contributions make a difference. Online giving tools should allow church administrators to communicate back to a giver quickly and easily. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way toward encouraging people to continue giving.
  5. Church members follow the examples of their leaders. Churches must provide a giving solution that their staff and leaders buy into, use, and are excited to share with others.
  6. You must share the stories. Few things inspire new people to give and existing people to give more than stories about how generosity has changed lives. Be sure to incorporate these kinds of stories into your weekend services and remind people that it wouldn’t be possible with them.

Have you noticed a discrepancy between giving preferences of different generations within your church? To learn more about incorporating current and new technology into your stewardship strategy, download this free Church Community Builder resource, Next Gen Generosity.

Have you had requests at your church for updated technology to help people give electronically?

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Posted by Steve Caton on February 25, 2015