Is your church staff task-driven or vision-focused?

As church leaders, we are all susceptible to getting so focused on daily tasks and programs that we lose sight of the greater vision and calling to make disciples. Have you ever gotten so bogged down in the tyranny of the urgent that you lose complete sight of the ministry outcomes you should be working towards? Well, as you might imagine, you’re not alone. Because most churches are often understaffed and under-resourced, it is very easy to default to making to-do lists and managing programs.

Let’s take a look at some of the indicators.

Are you effective or just busy?

Here are some differences I’ve observed between task-driven church leaders and vision-focused ones:

  • Task-driven leaders are fulfilled when they check off all the boxes in a to-do list. Vision-focused church leaders are fulfilled when they see a clear connection between tasks and life change.
  • Task-driven church leaders focus on ‘How can I inspire our staff do more ministry?’ Vision-focused church leaders focus on ‘How can we equip our congregants to be the ministry?’
  • Task-driven church leaders have clarity on how many people show up to the worship service on an average weekend. Vision-focused church leaders have clarity about how many people are giving, serving, and leading.
  • Task-driven church leaders see technology as a tool to make the tasks easier. Vision-focused church leaders see technology as a way to aggregate information for the primary purpose of stewarding the people God has entrusted to them.

The problem with being task-focused is twofold: you can be busy, but not effective, and you can also burn out really fast! You are putting lots of hard work into programming and tasks which may wear down your spirit, especially when you have no clarity about the payoff.

I want to encourage you to step back from today’s to-do list and get honest with yourself about the indicators above. If you find yourself longing to be the vision-focused leader but bogged down in a task-driven reality, stop what you’re doing and pray. Ask God to reveal to you how you can escape the task trap. Then, work with the rest of your leaders to develop a strategy that focuses on a vision-focused approach. Pick just one of the indicators above and work it out to a successful conclusion. Now you’re on your way!

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Posted by Steve Caton on August 24, 2015