It's not about church software

It's not about church software because it's NEVER been about church software.

Sometimes people work hard to make it about software...subscriptions It's obvious what their end game is. Users. Renewals. Which translates...for the business...into a steady income stream. (That means I get to be LAZY and just keep the systems running smoothly.)

But if it's not about software....then what in the world is it about? What could it possibly be about?

In my's about people. It's always been about people. And it will always will be about people.

People drove us to discover technology to support the gathering of people (wow...didn't see that one coming) for a specific purpose. Theologians call it...ecclesiology. Regular people call it...doing life together as Christ-followers.

Technology is not the end that justifies the means. (That would make it about software.) Just the opposite. about harnessing the potential to gather people for...Worship...service...and community in ways that create meaning and provide an atmosphere for spiritual growth. (That IS the point...right? If it's not...then I'm out. I'd rather pay my dues to the local country least I'll get to play golf.)

And if it's about people (NOT church software)...that means I have to ask the hard questions, discover new things, and constantly push myself beyond the ordinary to discover what's possible when people act like...well....people, especially people in community with one another.

If Jesus would have lived today, he would have used Twitter, Facebook, and a church management system. (Ok...maybe the last one was a stretch.) But he would have taken advantage of every tool available to him to stay connected with his disciples, the twelve we know about and the countless others that remain unnamed in the Bible.

Church is not about processes but about people. Any support system (hint: church software) should also be about people.

Church software is about people. Anything less is...well...wrong.

Is your church software an expense in your budget or an advisor in your staff meeting?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 03, 2020