Leverage Data to Discover the Gifts Within Your Members


Ephesians 4 calls for us to equip the saints, wherein a Christ believer becomes a Christ follower; it’s about getting people out of the audience and into action.

Being a believer of Christ is one thing, but when we equip a believer – when we discover their gifts and leverage their talents – they become a Christ follower.

We need to invest the time and genuine interest in each person that God brings through our doors, and build a relationship. That relationship then allows us to discover their passions, what fuels them, and the gifts God has bestowed upon them to help us steward them in following Christ.

And, yes. We know it’s a lot to ask of church leaders with too few hours in the day and not enough of them to go around, but the benefits reaped from really getting to know each new member are bountiful.

But technology like church management software is your secret weapon. When you profile each new member –  recording their interests, talents and passions, and find ways to leverage what makes their heart tick – you help the member share those gifts with the Kingdom.

With technology, you can create personality profiles – either in-house or by partnering with a local pastoral counseling center – to uncover the gifts God has brought to you in each member.

And when you help believers get-in-where-they-fit-in, your church can help them grow spiritually and become intentional disciples – followers of Christ – who will take the Gospel from the congregation out into the community.

What next?

Find out how technology can help you leverage data and build those essential relationships to better discover the gifts within your members in our ebook, "Getting Disciple Making Right."

Posted by Church Community Builder on October 25, 2016