March 25, 2015: A Dashboard for the Executive Pastor

Serving church leaders is at the core of our DNA. Church leaders are the target users for most of the features in the Church Community Builder software and for almost all of our services and resources. You may have heard that we are creating a number of tools and resources aimed at serving the Executive Pastor ... and they're coming the evening of March 25! We're releasing saved and emailed reports, and a big feature we're really excited about: the Executive Pastor dashboard.

The Executive Pastor Dashboard

Say hello to our first dashboard! This is the place for the Executive Pastor to find key metrics showing important trends, role-specific content such as blogs, white papers, and information about Tribes, peer-to-peer learning groups based on what you do at your church. The dashboard is a resource designed specifically for you!


The Executive Pastor dashboard includes three key metrics: giving, attendence, and serving. This information will help XPs better understand the health of their church. Each tab includes a line graph and data to give a clear overview of recent trends, helping you measure progress toward short- and long-term goals. While these don't tell everything there is to know about the church, they provide markers of health that can now be easily and regularly monitored, all on one page.

*The Metrics section of the Dashboard is Deluxe only.
**Note that the displayed metrics will only be as thorough as the data recorded in the software. If most of your groups don't take attendance, your Attending metrics won't be accurate. It's important to keep thorough records!

Giving Metric

The Giving view compiles the weekly or monthly giving of the previous two years and plots them against each other.



Want to see the data from a specific week or month? Hover over that spot on the graph and watch the numbers update! You'll see the total amount given, average amount given per family that gave gifts, and the number of families that gave. You can choose to include all COA categories or specific ones, so you get the most useful data for what you need.



Attending Metric

The Attending view shows attendance trends of the previous year against that same data of the year before. As with the giving, you can hover over a specific week or month you want to look at. You'll see the total number of people who attended, a rolling 52-week average, and a percentage change from the prior year. Want to hone in on specific attendance groupings? Filter your data via the groupings button below the graphs to continue to keep the data useful to your needs.

Serving Metric

The Serving view gives you a quick look into how many people filled scheduled positions in a certain week or month and plots that over the past couple of years, so you, again, have a clear year-to-year look. As with the previous metrics, the display will update live as you hover over the data you're looking for. This metric uses the same groupings that you selected for Attending to filter the data.

Equipping Resources

We're committed to helping church leaders not just by providing tools, but by producing helpful and relevant resources to teach, train, and encourage leaders — so the dashboard is more than just metrics. We've brought content from our blog that we've tagged for your leadership role directly into your dashboard, keeping it at your fingertips and making it easy for you to access the latest role-specific resources we deliver to encourage and equip church leaders.



How Do I Get To My Dashboard?

Anyone who's been assigned the Executive Pastor leadership role will see 'Executive Pastor' or an XP icon in the side menu bar, as well as a metrics quick view on the homepage. The dashboard is just a click away!

How Do I Assign Leadership Roles?

As we roll out dashboards, it's vital to make sure that the system knows who should and shouldn't be seeing these metrics. Your Master Admin or someone with Assign Privileges can identify who fills each leadership role from the new Leadership tab in the campus settings. We recognize that you may not use the same terminology that we use, and you may have multiple people filling one role, or one person filling multiple roles. We've put together a blog post to help clarify what we mean by leadership roles so you can put the right people in the right roles.



Who Will See the Dashboard?

For the past two years, we've been asking our church partners to help us identify their people in leadership roles. Where possible, we'll use this information to pre-populate the new leadership role interface in the church management software. As the Master Admin or someone with Assign Privileges, you'll want to go to that interface when it is released so you can confirm any existing matches and enter any missing matches. The person assigned as the Executive Pastor will see the dashboard, so you'll want to make sure the information is correct!

Dashboards are coming the evening of Wednesday, March 25 — but they're not coming alone. Read about the new features we're introducing to reporting here!

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Posted by Updates Team on March 04, 2015