Mobile is changing the way church leaders do ministry

Mobile technology is no longer the future; it is the now. Pause and consider the implications of this from a ministry perspective, especially given the amount of time mobile users are interacting with content delivered through apps. The opportunities for extending the influence of church leaders and the ministry of the church become nearly limitless.

Here’s what was: Church leaders mostly interacted with churchgoers on Sunday mornings, to a lesser extent Sunday nights, and, if they were lucky, maybe one night during the workweek like a Wednesday evening community group.

Here’s what is: Church leaders have the opportunity to interact multiple times daily with churchgoers by delivering influential content through mobile apps to a device with which they are already heavily interactive.

Mobile is changing the way church leaders do ministry.

Want proof of the potential?

YouVersion, the most popular of the many Bible apps available, recently celebrated 150 million global downloads. Its growth continues to explode, given that just a few months earlier it passed the 100 million downloads mark.

You may have noticed a decrease in the number of paper Bibles being brought to church. There is a reason for that. Research reports that 70 percent of millennials read Scripture on their mobile phones. Yeah, you might think, those crazy millennials, but guess what? Seventy-two percent of Baby Boomers own a mobile device, and a significant number of them use a smartphone or tablet in church to read Scripture and take notes within an app like YouVersion.

Mobile is infiltrating wallets, too. Ten percent of monetary donations — like offerings — are made through a mobile app. That trend is showing strong signs of escalating in popularity.

The infusion of technology into the church has been steady for some time, but not anymore. Now the pace of integration has significantly quickened. That’s why several years ago we began shaping our strategy, software, and services to align with this direction. Now, mobile is everywhere among church members. They are using mobile technology and apps on a daily basis in the other areas of their lives, so using it in the church isn’t a jump for them. The church has to respond.

Is your church software equipped to go mobile? Download our free resource Ministry Gone Mobile to learn how to connect your church in a mobile-centric world.

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Posted by Steve Caton on October 19, 2015