New Preferred Service Provider: InThrMa

psp_inthrma--200x88.pngHVAC smarter with InThrMa EMS

Our new partnership with InThrMa EMS (Energy Management Suite) gives your church a truly intelligent HVAC system. InThrMa EMS is a set of web-based tools focused on reducing your church’s energy consumption and reducing your staff’s workload when it comes to HVAC operations. Put your staff and financial resources back to where it makes the most difference – ministry.

InThrMa EMS: Oversight + Automation + Efficiency


Tools when you need them, 24x7 oversight the rest of the time.

Your entire HVAC portfolio is managed from a single web console. No more guesswork, no more oversights, no more running around your facilities for checks and adjustments. Because of InThrMa's integration with Church Community Builder, your HVAC system will stay in touch with all your thermostats and kick on only the units that need to be operating for your events.


InThrMa EMS Calendar Connect is like Auto Pilot for your HVAC system.

InThrMa EMS Calendar Connect integrates with your Church Community Builder calendar to automatically monitor and synchronize your scheduled events with your HVAC systems. No thermostat programming to worry about, no last minute changes to worry about – just comfort and efficiency.


InThrMa EMS provides you with dashboards, real time alerts, mobile app, graphs and intelligence to keep all of your systems running smoothly. Need to dig into the details? It’s all right there. Prefer to get notices when systems are not operating at peak efficiency? You get that too.

InThrMa EMS upgrades your entire HVAC experience by replacing your thermostats and giving you web and mobile based suite of tools for optimizing your HVAC systems and has a great integration with Church Community Builder's calendar and events feature. To learn more about InThrMa and their integrated HVAC systems, please visit

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Posted by Brian Ferris on September 14, 2016