New Preferred Service Provider: BoxCast


Though our world is changing more rapidly than ever, the purpose of the church remains the same: to touch more lives and reach more people.

Week after week, pastors across the world pour their hearts into their ministries. Still, even the most faithful churchgoer struggles to attend every service, as people are often pulled in too many directions. Whether they’re traveling, sick, or busy, sometimes people just can’t make it.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with BoxCast, a live video streaming platform that’s passionate about helping the church broaden its reach and engage its community, wherever they are.

Live streaming your services shows members that you understand that life gets busy sometimes, and you want to do your part to keep the church present in their lives. If people can’t attend on a given Sunday, they can always tune in online. If they’re busy at the time of your sermon, they can view the archived version when it’s more convenient for them.

Streaming is not just a tool that benefits the people who can’t be physically present on a Sunday. Many people report that they attend services on Sunday and then use the archived streams at a later time to deepen their understanding of that week’s lesson.

Additionally, BoxCast streaming is a wonderful tool to attract new members. A church’s website has become its new front door. Before many people step inside the physical space of a church, they like to get a sense of the community. Online streaming provides potential newcomers the opportunity to interact with the service from afar.

Streaming with BoxCast is easy. All you need for HD streaming is a video camera and internet connection. The entire process is automated, so that you can focus on what’s really important - your ministry.

To find out more and learn if BoxCast is right for your ministry, email or call 888-392-2278.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on October 27, 2016