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There’s a popular myth that says humans only utilize approximately 10% of their brain capacity. Based upon this assertion, people speculated about human potential, and the great things we could accomplish if only we could access the underutilized 90% of our intellect.

If you apply it to church, though, it’s not myth. Most local churches mobilize only 10% to 15% of their human resources into ministry service. Just imagine what could be accomplished if we could raise the mobilization percentage to 50% or more of our membership. That doesn’t have to be speculation! This incredible goal is achievable ... but before that can happen, pastoral leaders need trustworthy human resource tools that will:

  1. Help them identify the right people for the right roles just when they are needed
  2. Help them understand how those people could function within the needed ministry roles so there will be few surprises
  3. Reveal to leadership the appropriate support people require to help them be successful in ministry can assist your church leadership and your congregation to accomplish together what might once have seemed impossible. They provide your church with the highest quality ministry mobilization assessments available. Their 100% online assessments include personality, leadership style, spiritual gifts, and skills tracking. Their staff also provides the training and consultation services your pastoral staff require so they can implement professionally. And the best news is, they’re now an integrated Church Community Builder partner. Interested in learning more? Call 1.800.724.1159 or visit for more information.

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Posted by Church Community Builder Marketing Team on August 03, 2015