New Preferred Service Provider: MortarStone

Take donor analysis to a whole new level.

At Church Community Builder, we love to resource our church partners with new strategies that can help church leaders be more effective. This passion extends beyond just the things our team does well. We are always looking for other organizations and individuals who share our heart to guide church leaders to a better how and do it in a way that is unique, yet complementary to ours. One such organization we have recently met and partnered with is MortarStone.

In addition to being passionate about the local church, MortarStone provides a couple of high-level benefits which extend the capabilities of Church Community Builder’s software in a powerful way:

  1. Donor Analytics: surfacing donor metrics and trends which help measure how well a church is executing its strategy
  2. Task Automation: leveraging technology to connect pastors with ‘Ministry Opportunities'

MortarStone provides a series of reports that objectively depict the strengths and areas of opportunity within your church administrative systems when viewed through the lens of giving and generosity. They generate a 'report card' which compares your church to national averages, using many metrics to help leadership with developing and critiquing strategies to better manage church resources. In addition to measuring, you can establish ‘triggers’ to automate all aspects of recency and frequency of donor giving, thus surfacing ministry opportunities which can result in greater donor retention.

The word 'analytics' feels cold and sometimes intimidating to church leadership. However, taking the time to understand what data is telling us can help us steward God’s people more effectively.

Knowing what to look for isn’t always immediately intuitive. The time needed to build meaningful reports can also be a challenge. As a result, doing deep data analysis often gets postponed or ignored altogether ... and then we miss potentially huge opportunities.

Did you know that, historically, most churches will receive over 30% of their annual giving in the month of December? As we draw near to that time, do you feel well prepared? Will you be able to develop an effective year-end 'generosity' strategy, or will you just present yet another year-end appeal? Those are distinctly different approaches that will yield very different results.

This is a great time to review and refine your processes in preparation for this critical time. MortarStone and Church Community Builder can help!

In a recent conversation with our team, David Thoroughman, Co-Founder of MortarStone, addressed both the historical measurement purpose and the automated ‘triggers’ that surface ministry opportunities when viewed through the lens of giving. No matter the size of your church, MortarStone’s historical analysis and stewardship automation tools can add a ton of value to your ministry.

Featuring instant connectivity through the Church Community Builder API and the benefit of a free 14-day trial, I would highly encourage you to check it out!

How does your church leverage giving patterns to surface ministry opportunities? What stories can you tell as a result?

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Posted by Steve Caton on October 14, 2013