New Preferred Service Provider: ProApps Live


The way churches connect with and engage their members and visitors is quickly changing. This change has resulted in a huge shift toward technology to help bridge the communication gap, reduce effort, and multiply results.

While the need for great ministry tools continues to grow, so does the desire to see them all work well together. This is why we are very excited to announce our new preferred service provider, ProApps Live.

The ProApps Live team is a highly innovative tech company helping churches create engaging mobile app experiences. Their proprietary mobile app offering will allow your church to bring your weekend messages, monthly events, online giving, social media, and many other ministry tools together into one amazing app on your congregation’s favorite devices.

The newest feature for their mobile app allows any Church Community Builder customer to check in directly from the app. Many churches today are using UPC or QR codes not only as a unique identifier for parents checking their kids in to their classrooms, but also as a layer of security when they return to pick them up. With this app feature, every parent will have their unique UPC or QR code ready to go on their phone at all times. And since most people carry their phones everywhere they go, that means they’ll always have their code on hand.

Best of all, it’s so easy! Because check­in is baked into the ProApps Live mobile app, using it with Church Community Builder is simple. First, you create a button for check­in in your app. Next, you select the check­in template for that button and hit save. That’s it. It really is that easy!

With mobile now the first device most people use — and the only device everyone carries with them everywhere they go — we are pleased to be presenting the opportunity to connect your Church Community Builder software with the ProApps Live mobile app. If you have questions about ProApps Live, their mobile apps, how apps can benefit your church, or any of their other products and services, you can reach them at

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Posted by Church Community Builder on June 20, 2016