New Preferred Service Provider: Render Virtual Webmaster Services


You know you need a website. For many first-time visitors to your church, your site is the first interaction they have with you — your digital front door, through which they’ll start forming their impressions about you and your faith community. That’s too important to only be maximized by the churches with computer programmers, graphic designers, or secret WordPress gurus on staff.

That’s where our newest partner, Render Virtual Webmaster Services, comes in.

Render wants to be your trusted technology partner — someone ready to keep your online presence running smoothly and securely at a price you can afford. They’ll partner you with experienced technical professionals who’ll get to know you, your church, your site, and your team to make sure your online presence stays up and running. You’ll always know who to call when you want changes made to your site, and your Render Virtual Webmaster will be your dedicated contact for those changes. You’ll never call into a tech support line and wait on hold with Render.

Render Virtual Webmaster Services is committed to giving you a service experience that blows away any you’ve had with your typical support desk or outsourced web development services before. If you’re getting frustrated with trying to maintain your site yourself, or searching for qualified tech support freelancer online, drop them a line. You’ll find a technology partner who knows your name, knows your goals, and knows how to secure and maintain your digital front door — a partner we’re proud to introduce to you today.

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Posted by Updates Team on January 18, 2016