One HUGE mistake churches are making online (and how to fix it)

We are still in the early years of using social media in the church. Some churches are still catching up and just starting to adopt social habits even now, in 2015. But the truth is while many of us do have a social presence and even have cool things like apps, we don’t always do a good job of connecting the dots from our social presence to our live, in-person presence.

I recently read a post from Carey Niuewhof that hits the nail on the head. Here’s the bottom line: when we engage with people at church, we rarely mention the way they can plug in the other six days of the week — social media and technology.

One HUGE mistake churches are making online (and how to fix it)

So how can we remedy this problem? Here are three ways.

  1. Maximize the mobile opportunity for ministry. Make sure your church’s website, blog, and other online presences are mobile friendly. Most people these days are going online via their smartphones and tablets.
  2. Identify ways to intentionally drive people to engage online. Start with a roundtable discussion with some of your most creative people. What are some simple ways to increase online engagement?
  3. Use your website to drive an ongoing discipleship process. Real discipleship and life change can occur through a thoughtful blog. A blog is a perfect opportunity to teach people how to read through Scripture, discern God’s will, and take ownership of their spiritual formation.

The tools that we have at our disposal to reach the world, our community, and our body of believers with the good news of Jesus Christ simply contain too much potential not to fully explore and use. We are in a time like none before, where we can utilize technology for the things of God.

What score would you give your church in how it connects the dots between spiritual formation and technology?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 08, 2015