Our Future is Looking {Mobile}

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For many of you, ministry doesn’t happen behind a desk. It happens in the lobby, in your car, at the grocery store, at your kitchen table… Ministry doesn’t stop and wait for you to boot up your computer. It’s on the go—and so are you. You need church management software that can keep up.

At Church Community Builder we’re committed to making our church management software delightful and usable on all the devices you rely on—your computers, tablets, and yes, even your phones.

We’re introducing an all new mobile-friendly experience for the software. We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make things easier to use on all your devices, and we want to show you what we have thus far. This new space—Mobile Preview— is your place to get a peek at the future of the Church Community Builder Software.

This release to the Mobile Preview is just the beginning. And we’re excited to trek into the future with you!

For an in-depth analysis of what the "Mobile Preview" entails, click here

Mobile Ministry

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Posted by Church Community Builder on May 05, 2017