Overcoming the ‘pastoral crisis’

If you’re in ministry, you probably identify with the following situations, but you may be surprised at how prevalent these issues are across the country.

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Tribes inforgraphic

Those are some really sad numbers.

Perhaps you...

...have great ideas, but are met with resistance by other staff members when you bring them up.

...are tired and need some encouragement on how to have more margin in your life.

...feel a sense of isolation because no one in your community really ‘gets’ the problems you face in ministry.

One Way We’re Working to Help Overcome the Crisis

We value the role of each and every ministry leader at Church Community Builder, and these numbers are something we feel we can’t ignore. Over the past year, our team has been working to overcome these challenges by connecting church leaders to a tribe. We’ve seen that much of the pastoral crisis is minimized when church leaders are offered:

  • Peer-to-peer support. Interacting with others in similar roles is a proven method for increasing effectiveness in leaders and in the church as a whole. This is the foundation for tribes.
  • Accountability. Real progress is more likely when people review action items and fulfill commitments made in previous discussions. We believe that accountability helps church leaders dig deep into the real progress being made in their ministries.
  • A place to be authentic and vulnerable. ‘Getting real’ is essential for growth. We want tribes to be a place where church leaders can bring specific challenges and frustrations without fear.
  • Consistency. We’ve found that meeting on a regular basis also allows leaders to tap into relevant topics and ministry trends.
  • Practical help. Strategies are more likely to become a reality when leaders spend time exploring practical ‘how-to’ principles as well as higher-level theories.
  • A place to be known. Your tribe knows what you go through in your life and your ministry. They’ll be a lifeline during those challenging moments.

Tribes connect you with other people who are right where you are: people who are in similar positions at churches that are a similar size to yours.

Don’t be part of the pastoral crisis.

If you’re interested in joining other church leaders who are dealing with the same issues you’re facing and asking the same questions you’re asking, you can learn more about Tribes here.

Tell me, what is your biggest challenge in ministry?

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Posted by Steve Caton on August 27, 2014