Partner Highlight: How one church doubled its volunteers by equipping the saints

Word of Truth Family Church in Mansfield, Texas, transforms a local high school into a place of worship every week. After launching with a core group of 22 members in 2005, the church has grown to reach approximately 1,000 people through two Sunday services. It is also a younger congregation, with an average age in the early to mid-30s.

In the midst of this ministry success, the leaders at Word of Truth have experienced the challenges of being a ‘portable church’ while also dealing with the same challenges almost every church faces. “Imagine, every event had to be set up and every event outside of Sunday had to be done somewhere rented,” says Che Cowan, associate pastor. Now add the challenges of followup and communication to the mix! “We’d hear complaints like, ‘I signed up for children’s ministry three months ago and no one has called me,’” says Cowan. “Our volunteer leaders kept wanting us to make announcements for the need for children’s workers or workers for something else. I was like, ‘No, you need to go find your own volunteers.’ We had people who had already expressed interest but there was no efficient means to follow up. There was no accountability.” Yikes!

The church needed an efficient way to communicate with and keep track of people as well as share leadership responsibility with volunteers leaders who could then lead the people in their groups or on their ministry teams. Cowan needed to equip leaders and create accountability.

“Where before a number of people had been falling through the cracks, now there is greater accountability.”

Without a settled brick and mortar location, Cowan said that the Church Community Builder software has become the communications backbone for the church. “Our entire volunteer system is really driven by the process queues within Church Community Builder,” he says. “We have a process queue that takes someone from signing up for volunteering, to placing them, to following up with them, to getting them connected with a ministry representative, to getting them trained. I also use it to push out Bible study material to all our small group leaders, who then use Community Church Builder as their primary communication center. We can create groups within the system that enable me to follow up with our volunteer leaders on people who have been assigned to their groups.”

Cowan explains that, where before a number of people had been falling through the cracks, now there is greater accountability. “I can see if someone hasn’t been followed up with and can go to that ministry leader and say, ‘Hey, you’ve got people in your queue who need you to contact them.’ Sometimes it is just a matter of notes needing to be updated, but it keeps everyone accountable to follow through.”

The results of implementing Church Community Builder have been astounding. “We’ve gone from 180 volunteers when we had 800 attendees to having 400 volunteers with 1,000,” said Cowan. According to leadership, Church Community Builder has given Word of Truth Family Church the opportunity to start new ministries because pre-existing ministries have become well-oiled machines. “We aren’t scrambling for people to fill roles, and we can now focus on the emergence of new ministries with new volunteers,” says Cowan.

According to Cowan, using Church Community Builder has given them the opportunity to grow and develop people to become what God has called them to be. “It helps us remember that ministry is about people,” he says.

To learn more about how Church Community Builder can help you double your volunteers and more effectively equip the saints, download the free resource The Ephesians 4 Church: A Case Study of How Three Churches Built an Equipping Culture.

Do you use Church Community Builder’s process queues to help you manage communications and followup? How have they impacted your ministry?

Photo Credit: Dan Cooper via StokPic cc

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Posted by Steve Caton on February 04, 2015