New Preferred Service Provider Webinar - Aplos


Watch this webinar to hear from our new Preferred Service Provider, Aplos, as they provide a general overview of their accounting software tailored specifically for churches.

The webinar includes:

  • An elaboration on the Aplos culture
  • Church financial structuring
  • Aplos subscription levels
  • Advanced reporting functionalities
  • Granular customization tools
  • The time saving integration with Church Community Builder 

Good stewardship starts with good accounting. And Aplos specializes in making it simple for churches to be strong stewards of their finances with true fund accounting.

Aplos makes it simple to track finances across your ministries, campuses, and departments. This gives you more visibility into your true financial health so you can make wise decisions about your ministries.

Whether you only need the basics in fund accounting or require advanced reporting and tools such as budget by fund, fixed assets, or multisite reporting, Aplos gives you the tools you need to customize your accounting system to your church’s unique reporting needs.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on December 01, 2016