Rethink your mobile ministry plan

Some estimate that more than one third of all cell phone users currently have a smart phone. That means they have the ability to do things with a device small enough to fit in their pocket that only a few could do on a supercomputer a generation ago. We must not underestimate the opportunities smart phones give us in fostering community outside the weekend experience.

Mobile ministry means...

  • can connect people who aren’t present on Sunday
  • ...people who haven’t visited your church can “test drive” your approach to life and faith
  • networks become the litmus test of your relevancy
  • ...response times are minimized to minutes when asked to sign up for events or give electronically
  • can grow organically because the medium is most likely in our pocket giving us the ability to respond as needed
  • can share your thoughts or bring people back to your most recent sermon in the six days between Sundays

The possibilities are astounding. I recall when just ten short years ago, I was having conversations with church leaders who wondered whether a website was truly necessary. Many churches STILL don't allow you to give online.....amazing! Today, forward thinking churches are pushing their ministries to the mobile sphere. Why? It has nothing to do with being cool. It has everything to do with the fact that the people in your church and the people you are trying to reach in your community are already there. Let's BE like Christ and meet them where they are!

How are you incorporating mobile into your ministry plans?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 10, 2011