Secrets to multisite success

Multisite is an exciting way of growing a church. No longer are we trying to get as many people as possible into one set of doors. Now we’re spreading out and going into their communities and neighborhoods.

But the multisite model is challenging. How do you know you’re succeeding? How often should a multisite church be multiplying? What is the key to multisite success?

We had the pleasure of sitting down recently with Jim Tomberlin, who has helped us serve multisite churches for the last six years. Jim shared some great insight on the key to multisite success.

You can watch to our entire conversation with Jim about the multisite movement right here.

Jim said this...

“A small but growing number of churches, about 2 percent of churches across the country, have moved beyond growth by addition and have become a movement church by multiplication. The message there is more about releasing and sending. You grow a church locally by addition but you grow a movement by multiplying.”

How do you focus on multiplication?

  1. Evaluate your current ministry efforts through the lens of multiplication. Are your ministries built to release and send?
  2. Create a culture that fosters multiplication. What are the unspoken attitudes toward multiplication?
  3. Equip disciples to make disciples. Do you free up your staff and volunteers to equip others and teach them how to disciple?

Does your multisite church have a culture of multiplication? Do you have a strategy in place so you know when it’s time to multiply?

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Posted by Steve Caton on January 19, 2016