Sharpening our saws, serving you better!

A good friend of mine has a rustic cabin about an hour outside of Colorado Springs. Every so often, I will spend a weekend up there helping him cut ridiculous amounts of wood into pieces small enough for the fireplace. It’s hard work … especially for the chainsaws! If we don’t sharpen the chains before we start cutting, the work takes longer and our bodies are much sorer at the end of the day. If we are going to get the job done right, we have to sharpen the saws first.

At Church Community Builder, we believe that caring for our associates must come right after following God. And, while the churches we serve are a major part of the first priority, we must prioritize the health of our staff and culture if we are going to ‘sharpen our saws’ and fulfill our true calling to equip church leaders effectively. For this reason, we will be setting aside the entire week of June 14 for our annual All Staff Retreat. During that time, we will be available for the urgent needs of our current and prospective church partners, but not much else. There are several key reasons we do this every year, but here’s the most important one:

Unhealthy culture leads to unhealthy organizations.

There are many things we do to invest in a healthy culture at Church Community Builder and the All Staff Retreat is one of the most important. Here’s how:

  1. We revisit our WHY. No matter how long someone has worked at Church Community Builder, they are always inspired by the reason we exist in the first place. It’s not possible to share this too much.
  2. We celebrate what God has done. A year flies by at Church Community Builder and, because change and innovation is constant, we often lose sight of all God has done in and through us. It is therefore incredibly important for all of us to pause, reflect, and celebrate all the things God has helped us accomplish.
  3. We cast vision. No matter what we’ve done before, there is always more to do, there are always bigger goals to achieve. Painting the picture and connecting those goals to our vision helps keep everyone inspired and engaged.
  4. We build camaraderie. Family! That is how our people most often view one another. It’s not just about Nerf gun wars either. Yes, we laugh and have a great time together — a lot. However, we also get real and cry together too.
  5. We unplug. The pace at which we operate is crazy most of the time. That’s just the reality of serving the leaders of over 4,000 churches. If we don’t stop and take time to be obedient to Psalms 46:10, our families, our friendships, and our lives will suffer …and so will our service to you.

If the people who work at Church Community Builder are worn out, beat down, and unfulfilled, how do you think they will treat the church leaders we serve? Think about the last time you flew a commercial airline with an overworked flight crew. Wasn’t very pleasant, was it? So, thank you for your prayers and your patience with us as we take a break to sharpen our saws and invest in our culture.

What does your church do to help your staff ‘sharpen the saw’?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 10, 2015