The simple truths of staff, culture, and ministry success

I recently posted about the magical ingredient that separates great organizations from good organizations: stellar staff culture.

I fly a good bit in my role at Church Community Builder. Most of the time I am on United. Occasionally, I end up on Southwest. Anyone who has had the opportunity to compare the customer experience between those two airlines can tell you who has the better staff culture! Having a positive, empowering culture creates an environment where staff feels validated, believes in what they offer, and are energized by their work. That excitement then spills over into each encounter with those they serve. It's been many years since I have been able to describe any United employee as "excited."

Positive staff culture is achieved by caring for your people, communicating with them honestly, trusting them to use their God-given gifts and providing a product or service they can take pride in. It's not rocket science is it? It's not always easy either!

It is not much different in churches. Church leadership must also foster an environment where their staff feels cared for and communicated with. They must operate in an environment of trust. When it comes to the "product they can be proud of," that must be a very real commitment to being God-centered and not accomplishment-centered. I really resonated with what Ron Edmondson said about this in a recent post.

“We realize that the people around us are important. But we keep God as our focus and strive to be obedient to him....”

The simple truth is this: healthy staff culture and ministry success have a direct correlation to a leadership team whose first priority is seeking God and aligning with what HE is doing. After that, there must be care, communication and trust. Churches that pull this off have no problem attracting new people. Who wouldn't want to be a part of something like that!

Are you a part of a stellar staff culture? What does your pastor do to encourage an authentically exciting staff community?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 19, 2017