Staff Spotlight - Justin Claypool


You’ve already heard about what Church Community Builder has to offer and what we do. But do you know the faces behind the company?

We're a team of designers, developers, engineers, software gurus, tech support super-heroes, programmers, and so much more— but we're also real humans. As a software company, it's easy to imagine a bunch of robots coding and developing all day long. Not us.   

In our new blogging series "Staff Spotlight," you'll meet some of these people and to get to know a little bit about who they are, what they do (on and off the clock) and some of the interesting stories they have to tell.

This month we're shining the light on Justin Claypool.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Justin joined our Brand Experience team as a designer in September of 2016. 


"I love that our company is committed to the local church and that my role is a part of walking alongside church leaders around the nation."


His day-to-day at Church Community Builder means that "no two days look the same." As an accomplished design guru, he spends much of his time creating elements that the Brand Experience Team uses for various promotional purposes, be it images for the blog, laying out an ebook, designing ads, or helping create strategies to partner with churches as they advance their unique purpose.


Straight from the horse's mouth  

We went ahead and asked Justin some questions to help you get to know him a little better. Find out what inspired him to work with Church Community Builder, what's the best concert he's ever attended, how he recharges, and more.  


1. What inspired you to work at Church Community Builder? 

"I had been previously employed by Church Community Builder for two and a half years. I had taken a job in Denver as my family was considering moving up there but I got let go in April of last year. In that time I quickly realized the culture and vision are so unique here. I wanted to be back with a team of people who had a bigger purpose for what they did. Thankfully, there was an opening in the fall, and I was able to re-join this fantastic team!"


2. How do you recharge when you're not on the clock? 

"I love to be outside with my wife and kids. I enjoy hiking and running. This past winter I got to strap my snowboard back on and ride five times! The last time I went snowboarding was in 2004, so this season was truly special, and I got to teach my daughter how to ride, so that made it extra memorable. I also love watching movies." 



"Hands down it was the U2 360 tour in Denver. I found a way to get free tickets, so my wife and I got to see one of my favorite bands from great seats, all for free!"


3. You spent some time with Youth With A Mission (YWAM)? 

"I initially joined Youth With A Mission in 2003  as a student on a six-month training course. I was in the far northeast coast of Australia at that time, and I wanted to deepen my relationship with God. I enjoyed being a part of a community that was making an impact in that region of the world, and I loved the training schools.

I enjoyed watching young people from all around the world experience God in new ways and find a true relationship with Him. I became a course leader and over seven years led multiple classes and outreach teams through Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. In 2007, my now-wife joined me, and we served together for several years as we started our family. Those seven years had a significant impact on me. The opportunity to see the world, seeing how other cultures lived has given me a broader perspective on the world, and I am so thankful for that."


4. What was the best concert you ever attended? 

"Hands down it was the U2 360 tour in Denver. I found a way to get free tickets, so my wife and I got to see one of my favorite bands from great seats, all for free!"


"...I quickly realized the culture and vision are so unique here."


We're proud of the people who make up our organization, and we love giving you an inside look into the people who make up this great place. To share a passion and commitment with the organization you are working for is empowering and heart-filling.

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Posted by Church Community Builder on April 06, 2017