Take a Practical Look at Giving

There’s a lot of talk about giving and generosity in the church world, and for good reason. Giving is an integral part of both people’s spiritual walks and any ministry’s operations, but money can always be a tricky subject. That’s why I like to write about it fairly often — hoping to break past the barrier of taboo and talk about something church leaders should be talking about. Recently, my good friend Rusty Lewis of Generis released an ebook on the subject, called Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving. It’s a precise and practical look into giving trends and how your church can take advantage of them, and it’s a valuable read.

After reading the ebook, these three questions the ebook helps to answer.

  1. What makes having more giving options so important? How people interact with both your church and their money has changed. People don’t carry cash and checks around anymore. Expecting everyone to do so can be a barrier to giving — potentially one that dissuades the giver entirely. This ebook puts forth the numbers that show just how vital having online and mobile giving options is, for connecting with the millennial generation and more.
  2. What should an ideal online/mobile/text giving experience look like? When it comes to crafting an amazing giving experience, it can be hard to get started. What makes a giving experience user friendly? What can chase potential givers away? Lewis gets practical, showing examples and explaining what makes them effective. It’s a road map for making your giving options as simple and inviting as possible.
  3. How do we start? Too often, we read a great piece and feel inspired to implement the ideas we read about in our ministries — but we don’t know where to start. Lewis describes starting with a self-analysis to determine where your ministry is today in utilizing technology for generosity, and where you can go from there. It’s actionable advice that can help you take the most difficult and yet most important step: the first one.

Whether or not you currently employ online or mobile giving solutions, there’s a lot of great information compiled in Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Giving that can help you take your ministry’s generosity technology to the next level. You can download the ebook from Generis here.

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Posted by Steve Caton on July 29, 2015