Technology helps "fit" volunteers

If there is one conversation that everyone has with themselves from time to time, it is the one about calling, vocation, or God's will? Many of us stress about it. We fret over it. We wonder sometimes if we got it all wrong and maybe there was static in the line when we heard God's voice. Maybe we misinterpreted the "holy nudge" we were so clear about.

This struggle is the same for those on staff of churches and for those sitting in the pew. In fact, most people have spent very little time in the area of self-discovery. So when someone joins a church or expresses interest in serving in some capacity, we immediately try to fit them into a pre-defined spot that isn't necessarily a great fit. Then when burn out happens or they prematurely give up, we blame them for not being committed and following through. The other side of that story is that it frustrates the volunteer, too, and often leaves them feeling more reluctant to try something else next time.

Technology helps us change that. It offers us the chance to match the skills, interest, and experience we uncover during the connections process with ministry needs. When you need volunteers for groundskeeping or leading summer Bible school, don't just send out a blanket invitation to anyone. Why not customize the invite to the person with skills, interests, and experience that matches the needs of the position? When you do that...

  • People work harder because it's their passion.
  • People have a higher chance of experiencing success in whatever they do.
  • People "in their zone" attract others with similar interests.

Are you tired of the plug-and-play game? Maybe it's time to turn to an objective source that can help you facilitate your volunteer needs while helping people grow in their faith.

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Posted by Steve Caton on December 11, 2015