Technology is cool... so what??

More than likely your church uses church management software, a website, a Facebook page and maybe even a Twitter account. Good for you! But, really, so what? Unless these tools are helping you build community within your church, what’s the point?

Most pastors barely have enough time to prepare their weekly message, much less maximize the effectiveness of their technology strategy. But there is real value in taking time, even an hour or two a month, to evaluate your digital resources to maximize their impact on your church and community.

Lauren Hunter at Church Tech Today recently shared six things you should NOT do with church technology. The post reminded me that many churches “use technology” but most still aren’t “getting it.” Church technology isn’t about simply having an online presence because everyone else does. It’s about accelerating processes, distributing workload, and deepening he engagement of people in your church.

Here is a key question to ask yourself about every piece of technology you use: How do we expect ______ to make us different or better at fulfilling our mission? Can you answer that question? Do you have measurable outcomes? Are they documented? Does everyone on staff know they are important? Is there a cohesive and unified plan to accomplish them? If your answers are no to more than one of these questions, there is a good chance you are wasting some time, energy and resources.

Hear me say this: I get it. I get that your staff is spread thin. I get that the guy who runs the Twitter account also prints the bulletins, maintains the website, preps the Sunday morning Power Point, and is the go-to computer guy. I get there is a lot to do and only a few of you to do it. That’s one of the main reasons I created Church Community Matters.

Church Community Matters is here to offer helpful insights a few times a week to help you do ministry better. When it comes to technology, I've seen the real benefits and want to help you leverage them. I have also seen churches make some really unfortunate choices. My passion is to come alongside churches and help them leverage the power of technology to reach and steward more people. Bottom line.

What is your church’s biggest challenge when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of technology?

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Posted by Steve Caton on December 15, 2015