Ten ways volunteers can fuel (or hinder) church growth in 2015

Leadership and volunteers can make or break any ministry endeavor. Getting the right people in the right positions is key to a growing, thriving ministry. Tony Morgan recently sat down with Carey Nieuwhof to discuss how to grow small, mid-sized, and large churches by effectively positioning team members. Here are some key thoughts from that conversation along with some other content we’ve shared on this vital topic.

  1. Identify other leaders for roles of influence. You shouldn’t and can’t be the only person carrying the responsibility of leadership if you want grow.
  2. Spend time with a leader who is one stage ahead. Find a leader you can call, have coffee with, or otherwise meet with whose organization or church is one or two steps ahead of yours.
  3. One of the biggest mistakes churches make is when leaders only recruit other leaders who are similar to them. Churches need all kinds of gifts.
  4. Don’t just look for people who are available to serve; look for giftedness. We all know it is much more fulfilling when we serve out of our strengths.
  5. Healthy ministries need a balance of the ‘vision’ types and the ‘execution’ types.
  6. The win is finding the leader who best equips others to do ministry within their gifting.
  7. Until we can move from delegation to really empowering others, our ministry impact will be limited.
  8. Some people are best equipped to lead ten others; some can lead hundreds; few can lead thousands. Makes sure your leaders are right for their position of leadership.
  9. Structure needs to grow and change as numbers grow and change.
  10. Leaders need to communicate the church’s mission clearly to empowered volunteers. When volunteers don’t understand and resonate with the leadership’s mission, churches begin to splinter.

Diverse giftings, empowered volunteers, and clarity in communication are all small pieces that are critical to church growth.

How will you ensure your volunteers are fueling church growth in 2015?

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Posted by Steve Caton on January 28, 2015