The key ingredients for success when going multi-site

Tony Morgan recently posted a great list of 10 campus constants for a multi-site church.

For a church with plans to go multi-site, navigating what should be unique about each campus and what needs to be consistent can be tricky. Out of Tony’s ten suggestions, three really stood out to me:

  1. Strategy.
    This is what is at the heart of what my friend, Jim Tomberlin, talks about when it comes to planning for multi-site success. If you don’t have a plan, multi-site won’t work.
  2. Leadership Development.
    Multi-site ministry is about multiplying the reach of one church. It’s really about one church meeting in different locations. If multiplication is our goal, then we must keep developing new leaders at the center of what we do. That’s not just staff leadership but volunteer leadership, too.
  3. Central Services.
    In my opinion, this is one of the strongest arguments for multi-site campus development. The ability to share leadership and resources is the best stewardship decision churches can make.

Whether you're considering going multi-site or already a multi-site church, a great eBook I recommend is 125 Tips for MultiSite Churches. You can quickly learn about what works and what doesn’t from people who have been there.

What do you think are the greatest opportunities or challenges for multi-site churches?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 21, 2017